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iconCatlike Icon Maker

This is a simple tool for easily making catlike icon. The image which you download is available for icon in Twitter or SNS or Blog, etc.
*You can use the image for personal use, commercial use and redistribution is not permitted.

*How to use

[Outline] - [Extra2] New!
Click the lower button and choose parts.
As for some parts (ears, eyes, mouth, whisker), setting of the size, position and angle are changeable using the right slidebar.

Click color of parts and choose new color from right pallet (3 saturation).

You can draw graffiti on the image with mouse.

[Load setting] New!
You can load the saved icon setting by clicking icon thumbnail.

[Save setting] New!
Click "NO DATA" button to save the setting of cat icon to your PC.
*Sorry, the Drawing is not savable.
Click X button on the icon thumbnail when you want to delete the icon setting data.

Click download button in necessary file format and save the image to your computer.
*If you don't see a new window open after clicking Download button, please disable pop-up blocking.